The Broadening Participation in Data Mining Workshop (BPDM 2017) will be August 12th to 13th, 2017. It will be hosted with the ACM SIGKDD 2017 Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining at the Halifax, in Halifax, CA. This year’s program will span two days and include keynotes, panels, technical tutorials, and mentoring activities.

General attendance is open and encouraged. Due to certain activity limits, however, attendance for non-scholarship participants should be requested via email. To attend, please email with your name, title, research interests, institution/organization, dates you'd like to attend, and whether you'd like to be a "Mentee" or "Mentor".

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Scholarship Applications

Applications for BPDM 2017 are now open and will remain open from Apr 21, 2017 to May 09, 2017. Please Register or Login to apply.

Scholarship winners will be notified shortly after applications close.